The New Taipei City Nurses Association (NTCNA) was founded on January 9, 1971 and formerly named as “Taipei County Nurses Association”. In 1985, the association was reincorporated in accordance with “Regulations Governing Nursing Personnel” and renamed to “Taipei County Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses Association.” By 2011, the Association was renamed to “New Taipei City Nurses Association” when Taipei County was upgraded to a special municipality. NTCNA endured hardship during the initial foundation and consisted only 59 members. Under the leadership of former NTCNA Chairmen and the efforts contributed by the Boards directors and controllers, NTCNA operations have thrived and the number of members exceeded 20,000 in 2020.

NTCNA has focused on the illegal unlicensed nurses since the foundation, protecting the rights and privileges of nurses. In the intermediate term, NTCNA emphasized on the nursing professionalism and innovative development of nursing in nurses. Recently, NTCNA develops total digital operations to provide convenience for members and effectively assist with diversified services. NTCNA also expands and adjusts the duties of NTCNA to cope with the trends of aging long-term care in recent years.

NTCNA regularly holds various seminars and continued education c o u r s e s e a c h y e a r i n addition to establishing award competitions for encouraging nurses with improvement of self professionalism. NTCNA also encourages members to participate in international academic exchange and expand international horizon. Moreover, NTCNA engages in social service activities, cares about members each year and strive for the welfare of members. NTCNA holds social tours to promote the mutual exchange among members, develop NTCNA website and information system to improve member information management and accounting procedures, facilitating members’ application for various processes. NTCNA also signs contract with law firms to provide members with relevant legal and consulting services.

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